Lendo Phase 2 ends on 28th August – buy now at 40 cents!

Lendo’s second phase is coming to an end on Tuesday, 28th August. Until then you can still buy ELT at €0.40. After this date, Phase 3 starts and ELT tokens will cost €0.80 each.

So, if you buy before the 28th you will be in a great position to maximise your profits.

Don’t forget we have two offers available to help you purchase ELT:

The Best Price Guarantee

The Best Price Guarantee enables you to buy now and receive more ELT if the value of the cryptocurrency you bought your ELT with increases in value before 28th August.

The 50/50 deal

The 50/50 deal allows you to pay for 50% of your ELT tokens with Nexo, Orme or Salt tokens. The remaining 50% must be paid using either fiat currency or one of the major cryptocurrencies accepted for full purchase.

We hope you’ll make the most of it!

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