How the Lendo ICO benefits Token Holders

The Lendo ICO is still going strong and the management team has extended the Phase 1 period when tokens are still priced at €0.20 for a few more weeks to give more investors the opportunity to buy Lendo’s ELT token at this price before it rises to €0.40.

Lendo rewards its ELT token holders

Owning ELT tokens gives you access to all of Lendo’s services, but there is another advantage: Lendo has a Token Holder Loyalty Program.

It works like this: The Lendo Vault (essential for any loan application) will only accept vault fees in ELT tokens. Existing token holders will receive 30% of the vault fees (in ELT) distributed quarterly and pro rata to the total number of tokens in circulation.

That’s 30% of ALL vault fees paid back to you in ELT on a quarterly basis.It’s a valuable passive income and the more ELT increases in value, the more ELT token holders will gain from this regular payment.

How the Lendo ICO works for you

Lendo will issue 1.2 billion ELT tokens for sale during the period of the ICO. The price per token varies with each phase of the ICO, meaning that early adopters will benefit from a substantially lower price. For example, right now it is €0.20 but by the end of the ICO it will be priced at €2.

Buy ELT now and you’ll get the following benefits in addition to the 30% of vault fees:

· Lendo tokens are a utility; they are literally the “keys to the vault”. Borrowers wishing to pledge their crypto assets to obtain a loan must use the Lendo vault, the fees for which are payable only in Lendo tokens. This will create a demand for the tokens.

· This means that over time, the number of tokens in general circulation will decrease, potentially driving up the value of the tokens in line with the principle of supply and demand.

Visit and find out how it is going to transform the personal loan market and develop a crypto banking ecosystem in the future. Be a part of the story — buy ELT.

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