Changes to the ELT pricing structure during the remaining ICO period.

Please note that we are revising the pricing structure of ELT in line with feedback from clients, major investors and marketing partners. We are also taking into account the prevailing ‘crypto’ market conditions, where we see all the major coins such as BTC and ETH settling into a steadier wave pattern, rather than moving constantly upwards as they did in 2017.

At the same time, we are adding huge value every day to ELT, as our number of subscribers, loan requests and card applications grows. We are currently standing at over 60,000 card applications and over 150 million euros in loan requests. We will therefore continue to have an ascending price scale over the remaining ICO period, but the increments will be less aggressive and the upward angle less steep.

Beyond the end of the ICO, we will be very focused on creating a wide range of uses for ELT, in order to build value and sustainability for the token. Our aim is to create a token ‘ecosystem’ which will be less prone to the unpredictability and volatility of many of the crypto currencies on the market. We believe that this will be of great benefit to token purchasers and the company alike. We are in a dynamic and constantly changing market and feel it is important to adapt to new market paradigms rather than ‘swim against the tide’.

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