A new Cats and ‘Doges’ game

Called “Doges on Trial,” the game is designed around the principle of crypto-economics: the theory that a properly designed system of incentives based on cryptocurrency tokens will yield the desired user behaviour.

For the uninitiated, “doge” is a meme of an apprehensive-looking Shiba Inu. It has captivated many in the crypto community, and gave birth to a particular method of mangling English (“so scare,” “why this happened”) reminiscent of Yoda in Star Wars, as well as its own dedicated cryptocurrency, dogecoin.

The new game, called “Doges on Trial’ has been launched by Kleros, which raised $2.5 million in the first round of its crypto token sale in July. Kleros wants to incentivize people using the platform to curate a list of images of doges.

More than a game

While there is a fun element to the game, or it wouldn’t be a game, it also has a more serious purpose. Kleros has some more serious use cases in its sights, such as a decentralised dispute resolution protocol. Examples include, spotting fake news, resolving disputes on gig economy and e-commerce platforms, and helping ratings platforms curate their lists.

Kleros’ CEO Federico Ast believes there is a real world need for dispute resolution, or governance, on the blockchain. Ast is saying to new platforms with new protocols, don’t bother to build your own mechanism; Kleros can supply it.

The goal, Ast said, is “to have as many people as possible coming to test this and trying to break it” and although it has had a relatively quiet soft launch, it is now ready to start communicating the system’s effectiveness to the broader ethereum community, said Ast.

How does it work?

It works like this: a user submits their image – a doge, cat or otherwise – to the list along with a deposit of ether, ethereum’s native token. The image sits in limbo for a day, during which time other users can challenge it by submitting an ether deposit equal to the submitter’s. If no one challenges it, the image is added to the list and the submitter’s deposit is returned. If the image is challenged – because it lacks a doge, is a duplicate, or contains a cat – it goes before a jury of three users, who have made a deposit of Kleros’ PNK token. At the end of the trial (no date has yet been set), the people who have submitted the most successful memes will split a reward of 1 million dogecoin.

You can bribe the jurors, but that can get very expensive, and one user, Tristan Roberts told Coindesk, “it is practically impossible to keep bribing the jurors, [since] the amount of ETH I would win would be less than the amount needed to bribe them.”

Could you sneak a cat in among the doges? You’ll get a CryptoKitty and two ETH if you can.

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